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Select theater links

For one theater, a 'marvelous' way to perform in lockdown (The New York Times)

We got Hamilton. Why can't we stream every Broadway show? (The New York Times)

A cast album I love: Hair (The New York Times)

The Inheritance review (Newsday)

Queer kids, nerds and sword fights: It's the hot school play (The New York Times)

Carla Gugino has range, from Spy Kids to experimental theater (The New York Times)

The pop musical: Go big (and loud) or go home (The New York Times)

Jay Scheib revisits Bergman's The Silence (Arts at M.I.T.)

Heidi Schreck on her surprise stage hit, What the Constitution Means to Me (The Hollywood Reporter)

Roundtable: Can critics learn to love the jukebox musical? (The New York Times)

A report from the Ingmar Bergman festival in Stockholm (The New York Times)

What Do 525 ventriloquists do at a convention? (The New York Times)

Wait, Leonard Bernstein wrote a Peter Pan musical? (The New York Times)

To Kill a Mockingbird review (Newsday)

On streaming theater (before it became a necessity) (The New York Times)

How Steve Earle got back into downtown theater (The New York Times)

Tim Minchin puts emotion on Broadway. Just don't call him sentimental (The New York Times)

The gender's the thing: Harriet Walter plays Shakespeare's heroes as heroines (The New York Times)

From Pitch Perfect to Broadway, Deke Sharon is vocal about a cappella (The New York Times)

Interview with Peter Brook (The Wall Street Journal)


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